Hello, everyone! Well, it's been long enough and I apologize. Before sharing some icons I'd like to announce we passed 200 watchers recently and I thank you all for being here! :)
So these are the icons I did for round 2 at scifi_turbo_rum, I decided after two months of unannounced hiatus I can post them but I'll stay hopeful the comm will come back someday.

[12] icons for scifi_turbo_rum [Doctor Who, Merlin, Supernatural, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings]
[33] variations

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I know Fanpop has been an issue for iconmakers a lot but I've never searched the site to locate some of my icons posted there. A watcher notified me today, showing me some Liv Tyler icons of mine posted there (of course with no credit) and I admit I was annoyed. Personally I'm so free when it comes to rules, if you've noticed I never repeat the usual "don't steal/hotlink/repost/etc" rules in every icon post because I believe you all know this stuff. I'm sure if I search some of the fanclubs there I'll find more of my work and it'd only frustrate me more... So let me say it loud and clear:

We, makers at saturated_icons, would really appreciate it if you didn't post our works elsewhere (especially without credit). Those icons were made particularly for livejournal userpics, if you'd like to use them in another place please link back to us but don't post them at fanpop. I believe that site contains enough stolen work anyway. If you didn't know how crediting works now you do.